East Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Company

Our Fire Company is located in Fredericktown, Pennsylvania.  Fredericktown is a Keystone Community located in Southwestern Washington County.  We cover approximately 17 Square Miles of East Bethlehem Township and Deemston Borough, made up of small towns such as Fredericktown, Vestaburg, Millsboro, Williamstown, Besco, Sandy Plains and Vesta Heights.  We are bordered by Greene and Fayette County.  We are dispatched on frequency 46.40 by the Washington County 911 Center.  Ours is a 100% Volunteer Company in a small community. Being a 100% volunteer service means that the 30 or so members have the task of not only working at their regular jobs, but taking on a second non paying job as fund raisers to keep the fire department running to provide emergency services to those who find themselves in need. Whether it is a structure fire, car accident, river or rail emergency, flood, search and rescue, scuba and swift water rescue and serious medical emergencies these volunteers jump into action without raising a question, giving up their valuable family and free time to help anyone in need.

Our Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating is 4

(On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest)  A #3 is the highest possible rating an all volunteer fire company can obtain. Out of the 2581 fire companies in Pennsylvania, 142 have a rating of 4 or higher. This puts us in the top 5% in the state.

Located at

831 Crawford Road

PO Box 445

Fredericktown, PA 15333


Fire  Chief         Jim Starkey

   President          Matt Babko