Engine 15
2005 Pierce Custom Built Contender
This 2005 Contender was made possible with a Grant from the Assistance to Fire Fighter Grant through Homeland Security. This apparatus was Custom built due to the height requirements at the Station. Low Profile, Cummins 400 HP Power Plant, 8 man cab, Harrison Hydrulic generator, 6750 watts of truck mounted quartz lighting, retractable deck gun, on-spots, 2 – 1.5″ preconnects, 1 – 1.75″ preconnect, 1 – 2″ preconnect, 1500′ of 4″ supply line, GPS equipped, Thermal Imager, Various specialty equipment, LED Lighting package and 9-11 FDNY Commemorative Decal on the sides. Ordered from Keith Flood of Glick Sales and Service. A no frills aparatus designed with fire fighting in mind!
engine 15 one
1987 Custom Pierce Anniversary Edition Arrow
This truck is a closed cab model with a 1500gpm pump, Detroit 8V92 Power Plant and it is a 1988 Pierce Arrow anniversary edition. The price of this vehicle was $ 189,000. and some $ 40,000. worth of equipment was purchased to compliment this vehicle. It was delivered in the fall of 1988.
Utility 15
2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD
This vehicle is our Utility 15, used as a personnel carrier and as a quick response vehicle for calls.

squad 15

2004 GMC Envoy
This vehicle is used for quick response and medical calls
eastbeth rescue
1998 Custom Built Rescue by JB Rescue
(under new management “1st Out Specialty”)
This vehicle, a Ford Super Duty Extended Cab with a Power Stroke diesel engine, Quiqley four wheel drive, and a 12 foot Custom built rescue body on the back equipped with onboard Diesel Generator and quartz lighting. The price of this vehicle $ 105,000. Delivery of the new Rescue Vehicle came December 24th. After delivery some other equipment was added to it, such as a GPS unit, equipment boxes, torches, complete compliment of Hurst extrication equipment, Maxi Force Air Bags, a water rescue kit and additional lighting.
East Beth River Rescue 1
1994 brought a Carolina Skiff rescue boat to the East Beth Fire Company, a 26 foot unsinkable boat capable of carrying 18 men. This boat is equipped with a 100 horsepower Johnson commercial outboard motor, radar, underwater camera, depth finder, low band fire radio and a marine band radio, stokes basket, a body recovery system, a pump capable of running 2 1-1/2” fire hoses and lights supplied by a 3000 watt Honda Generator. It is used for any type of emergency that comes up on the Monongahela River and Ten Mile Creek including emergencies involving the scuba team, boat fires, hazmat situations, etc.
Overland Express
1981 Peter Pirsch Custom Built Pumper Tanker (Retired)
If this piece could only talk! Engine 15-3 also known as 15-3 Overland Express was one of the first of its kind to be built. On a Aerial chassis this 2400 gallon Pumper Tanker was just what the Doctor ordered. Equipped with a Hale 1500/20000gpm pump and a Detroit Diesel power plant made it the backbone of the Department for many years as when ordered we actually needed a Tanker and a Pumper due to the Rural coverage we have. She is just a memory to us now as over the years most of our rural area got hydrant coverage and we needed to make room in our small station for our new Pierce Contender. The truck was purchased by Garvin Rural VFD in Garvin, Oklahoma and I only can hope and wish it is serving them as well as it served us!

van 15

1984 Ford Econoline E-250 (Retired)

This van was our old squad, and is used for carrying manpower and our Air-Cascade to calls.

dodge power wagon

1952 Dodge Power Wagon
In 1989 a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon was purchased through Army Surplus and was equipped with a pump, tank, hoses, and other various field fire fighting equipment.